The Major Issues with Power Plants

Yes, power plants are no more considered as sustainable because they operate on natural resources such as oil, coal and natural gas. We cannot deny the fact that the fuel emitted from the power plants causes a variety of environmental and health issues. Shortly, fuels will be harder to find, and prices of the natural resources will increase due to the political issues and the market manipulation. The major problem with the power plants is that they use water for cooling process.

Later on, same water is discharged into the river causing thermal pollution. This inevitably affects the river life. So to eliminate or to minimize such situations Flue Gas Desulfurization units are installed in many countries.

Why install Flue Gas Desulfurization?

Flue Gas Desulfurization is used to eliminate sulfur dioxide from the waste that is emitted from the power plants especially due to the coal combustion. These units help to control acid emissions and reduces the consequences of acid rain or acid gas. It proves to be a monitoring system, which is designed exceptionally to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide from process plants, refineries, and other industries.

FGD technologies.

New power plants installed are still continuing to use the fossil fuel which rises the electricity demand by making the problem worse. It is somehow important to increase the knowledge about the FGD technologies. FGD technologies and the designed systems are custom made. They are established by the engineers to remove sulfur dioxide from the gases by using a variety of reagents such as limestone, soda, seawater or alkali. The system is efficient to recover sulfuric acid, dry gypsum and even sulfur from a waste product. There are three types of FGD technologies that vary in features and advantages.

Seawater FGD Technology

  • Removal of sulfur dioxide
  • Low investment cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple to operate
  • Requires air and seawater only
  • No waste is formed means no handling of waste is required

LimeStone FGD Technology

  • More efficient and removes 98% of sulfur dioxide
  • Free from plugging and scaling
  • Low consumption of power
  • Low maintenance

Dry FGD Technology

Helps to remove hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, and various other toxic components from flue gases. It recovers dioxins, mercury, and heavy metals by activating carbon in spray reactor.

  • More than 99% of sulfur dioxide removal
  • Dry waste product
  • Removes dioxins, metals, and mercury
  • Sludge processing equipment

However, power plants prove to be expensive technology and cause serious health as well as environmental concerns. Therefore, the safer way to switch is to adopt Flue Gas Desulfurization technology.