Do you need CRM case management software?

If you are like most CRM users, then chances are that you do not use the system for case management. The only reason why you have implemented a customer relationship management tool like bpm’online is that you hoped to keep an eye on customers. But did you think that case management was introduced as a functionality only for the sake of it? No, it was introduced so as to allow users like you to create and manage support cases. Cases, accounts, whatever you like to call it. The question is the following: Do you really need a CRM tool that with case management at the core?

There are plenty of CRM tools that provide case management, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Zoho. No matter what type of software that you work with you can expect to see visible results. Maybe the system you have implemented provides you this much needed functionality. Maybe not. In this case, you should seriously think about making the transition to another solution. Why? Because you can enjoy the following advantages:

Multi-dimensional case database

Being able to capture customer problems is one thing, but being able to bring together all cases from your customers is a completely different thing. One CRM software that is able to provide you a unified case database is bpm’online. To find out more about this solution, visit this page here. With information one click away, it is easier to target content and create personalized integrations.  You have insight into incidents, service requests, and consulting services

In-depth case history

Would it not be great if you could see case history in your CRM? As a matter of fact, you can. You can manage relevant information relating to your customers, like emails, calls, and activities. You can also monitor customer interactions within the “Case History” section.

Case analytics

A CRM tool can offer you a look into the may case resolutions. This increase efficiency at the office, particularly in the area of customer service. Thanks to analytical tools, you can build profitable relationships and, of course, boost customer retention.

Connecting cases and offering answers

If you desperately have to offer an answer, look into a case in which a similar issue arisen. You will find the solution you need there. CRM case management software allows you to link accounts that are similar. So, when you have a problem on your hands, all you have to do is look for the answer.

Even when you do everything right, there is room for improvement.