Create Email Account

Do you know how to create Outlook email with the domain instead of or It’s really simple and fast, you just need to fill in your personal information in the guide form, then you’ll be able use them. Please refer to the following article to know how to do it.

Outlook email account of Microsoft is similar to email address of Gmail or Yahoo. However, with, you can access to a computer or any mobile devices without having to register. Today, we are going to show you how to create an Outlook email account. You can also refer to our article about how to create Hotmail account to have more email accounts.



Step 1: Open Firefox or Google Chrome web browser, etc, then access to the following to create your account.

Step 2: Fill in your name in Name field


Name: it is the name displayed on your account. After filling in the name, click “Or get a new email address”, then continue to fill in information of User name.


User name: enter your username. Click on the little downward-pointing arrow and select

Create password: used to sign in the mailbox, has at least 8 characters including letters, numbers and special characters.

Reenter password: Re-enter the password above


Country / region: Country you’re living and working

Postal Code: Postal code of 5 digits

Birthday: You enter the date, month and year of your birth.

Gender: Choose your gender, Male or Female.

Country code: national area code

Phone number: Enter the phone number you are using, and remember to omit the first number 0.


Enter exactly the characters you see on the screen, if it isn’t clear enough, click New to get new code or click Audio to listen to the new one.

After that, click Create account. And you’re done. Your account is ready to be used now.

Good luck!