Best Innovation by Science Fpv Drone Jjrc H26w

Drones are the most interesting invention of this era. The innovation by science in the form of quadcopters had paved ways to progress. Now feel free to capture moments with the help of cameras in drones. This article will help you to understand drone with camera in better way.


JJRC H26W is the best FPV drone present in market these days which gives you opportunity to connect your android smartphone with it and control it through your touch. Innovative camera enables you to take pictures as well as record video of your favorite moments. Have a look on specifications, pros and cons of JJRC H26W.



  • This brilliant quadcopter comes in two fantastic colors including green and white.
  • Frequency is about 2.4GHz.
  • R/C distance is about 300m.
  • Not much flight timing but it will fly for approximately 6 to 7 minutes.
  • It will take 60 minutes to charge completely.
  • Battery is built-in 7.4V 1200mAh.
  • Its weight is not much, 1000 grams will never bother you.
  • It contains 6 axis Gyro-sensor in it.
  • Coming towards its dimensions, it has 45.5×45.5x18cm.
  • It has a USB charger.
  • Comes along with mobile holding frame.
  • LED lights are the prefect feature in it.
  • Affordable and will cost you only 77.39$.
  • Wi-fi camera will easily connect to your smartphone.
  • Waterproof drone.


  • Colorful LED lights makes it more charming.
  • Good at making pictures as well as videos while flying.
  • It offers you to have access up to 4 channels.
  • You can rotate the camera up to 360 degrees.


  • Ugly camera results.
  • Poor working timing.


The scenario is that first we are going to study what is a multirotor? Basically, multirotor aircraft are the rotors having more than two rotors for efficient working. In multirotor, simple mechanic motors enjoy the flight. Multirotor aircraft are used both in construction as well as control so, they are used very much in radio controlling cars. JJRC produces water proof drones along with Wi-Fi facility in them. Most of the JJRC multirotor consists of camera for capturing different views.  Having maximum flight timing as well as amazing coverage. JJRC multirotor also have LED lights which are being covered with plastic like material. Fantastic appearance is remarkable. Most of the motors of drones are brushed as well as brushless. JJRC is the top-rated company and serving many countries including USA, UAE and many other countries.

The bottom line:

 As this article was about FPV drone by JJRC, and I have tried hard to do justice with this drone. There are many multirotor drone being designed by JJRC, if you want to have a good one do try JJRC drones.